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Cybrarian Proposal

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To become a world class, innovative, competitive, profitable, trustworthy & respected information technology enterprise providing total IT solutions.

Our Mission Statement

To be the leading Indian Information Technology Enterprise providing quality software products, solutions and services in the field of education, health care, e-governance & other potential areas.

CR2 Value

  • Meeting commitments made to external & internal customers
  • Fostering trust, leadership, creativity and speed of response
  • Trust & Respect for dignity & potential of individuals
  • Loyalty & Pride in the company
  • Team Spirit in every field
  • Zeal to strive relentlessly for excellence
  • Integrity, Honesty, Ethics, Sincerity & Fairness in all action

CR2's Objectives

  • Growth To ensure a steady growth by enhancing the competitive edge of CR2 in existing business, new areas & international operations so as to fulfill national expectations for CR2
  • Profitability To provide a reasonable and adequate return on capital employed, primarily through improvements in operational efficiency, capacity utilization & productivity, and generates adequate internal resources to finance company’s growth.
  • Customer Delight To build a high degree of customer confidence by providing increased value for his money through best of product quality, performance & superior customer services & thus surpassing customer’s expectations
  • People Orientation To enable each employee to achieve his potential, improve his capabilities, perceive his role & responsibilities & participate & contribute positively to the growth & success of the company. To invest in human resources continuously and be alive to their needs.
  • Technology To achieve technological excellence in operations by development of indigenous technologies and efficient absorption & adaptation of imported technologies to sustain needs & priorities, and provide a competitive advantage to the company.
  • Image To fulfill the expectations and to add values which shareholders , employees, customers, peers, associates and the country at large have from CR2