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Quick Facts on Internet

  • Internet increasingly become a key source of information across a number of categories
  • Categories like news, business news, Publication listings, and travel are the only areas where the Internet is gaining ground on more traditional channels.
  • Most consumers around the globe report that in a typical week, they spend the greatest number of hours watching television compared with other media like reading the newspaper or talking on a mobile phone

Internet v/s Traditional Media

Consideration Point

Broadcast Media




Instant Interaction No No No Yes
Insertion Expense High High Medium Low
Global Reach Maybe No No Yes
Ability to Target the Group No Yes No Surety Yes
Lead time for Changes Weeks Weeks, that too with additional cost Weeks, Months, with additional cost Minutes with no extra cost
Instant Response No No No Yes
Audience determines if/when they see your ad No Yes Yes Yes
Shelf Life Weeks Day Days/Weeks Very Long
What 2-5 Lacs will Buy you Few spots in TV and Radio 1 Quarter Page Ad at most 2 small ads Small Classified ads for some months Year Long Branding solution.

As an advertising medium, the Web outperforms all traditional print, direct mail and broadcast media like….

  • Print (Newspapers)
  • Print (Magazines)
  • Direct Mail (Which is no more in existence)
  • Broadcast Media (TV/Radio)


  • WebSite Link
  • Emails to Librarians
  • Publication Listings
  • A Customized micro-site for you with your corporate profile and other communication you wish to convey.
  • Greater visibility since the section is on the Homepage
  • Librarians show their interest from homepage by clicking on the Company name of your Organisation. (One click applications)
  • Positioning the Publication house / Publisher as a “Preferred Publisher” thereby attracting more sales.
  • Comparable to 365 days of full-page advertisement in appointment sections of Leading publications. (At the cost of half page B&W advt of one single day!!!)