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Asia’s first SaaS based Library Management Software launched.

CYBRARIANTM - Asia’s first revolutionary Library Management Software System based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model was launched by CR2 Technologies Ltd., Ahmedabad during LIBRARIAN® Users Meet held in the city on 26th July’08. A group of librarians across the country, who are using LIBRARIAN® - a Library Management Software, assembles once in a year to share & discuss their problems & experiences with the software. The experience of each librarian is unique and they come out with new ideas to improve & to add new features to the software to make it more functional, user friendly & effective.

CYBRARIANTM – is a next generation web based, seamless & fully integrated Library Management software System hosted on a Remote Server. This is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) concept where users have to pay –as-you-use basis. SaaS is a new model for delivery of software over internet. It is a shift from packaged software to Software as a Service (SaaS). In this new model, the user is saved from the hassles of buying licensed copies of software like OS, R/DBMS, Application Software, Anti virus etc. They are also not required to buy costly hardware like Servers, PCs, Networking components etc. The user is also free from the daily problems of installation, management, maintenance, back up, security etc. Initial cost of Investment and recurring cost every month is as good as nil. The recruitment of expert IT professionals can also be avoided.

CYBRARIANTM allows the librarians to access & run the software with the help of an ordinary low cost PC having a web browser and they can carry out on line all the transactions like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Periodicals Management (PMS), Article Indexing, Reports Management etc. as if the entire application is running on their desk. One can access the application anytime (24x7x365) from anywhere, & from any machine where the webOPAC facility is already built in. At a very low hosting fee, CYBRARIANTM provides users facilities like Software Usage, Secured Data Storage, Virus Protection, Backups, Patch Management, Product Updates, Technical Support, Maintenance etc. CYBRARIANTM follows all the international standards like MARC21, Z39.50, AACR2, MARCXML, ISO 2079 etc. and is having UNICODE (Multilingual) facility. The most attractive feature of CYBRARIANTM is that librarians or Resource Centre Manager can customize the application as per his requirements without the help or need from the software vendor. Moreover, the reports can also be self-customized.

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