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Cybrarian Proposal


Full-featured — Cybrarian supports the control of Web-based public access cataloging and authority as well as of acquisitions, serials, circulation and course reserves modules. Sophisticated reporting and system administration are all part of the out-of-the-box product offering.

Flexible — Customizable components are tailored to accommodate the requirements of institutions of all types and sizes, from single-branch libraries to the largest of consortia and national libraries.

Easy to use — User-friendly workflows and intuitive graphical interfaces increase staff efficiency and enhance the patron experience.

Scalable — Growth and expansion features enable libraries and consortia to continually re-envision and recreate their unique working environments.

Robust — Built on an MS SQL 2005® database, Cybrarian runs on a range of operating systems. All CR2 products are based on industry standards, offering the ultimate in resource-sharing capabilities, full connectivity, and seamless interaction with other systems and databases.

Multilingual and multiscript — Full Unicode support provides multidirectional and multiscript text capabilities. Users can interface with the system in their preferred language, and libraries can create new language interfaces.

Standards - based and built on global technology — Cybrarian integrates and interoperates smoothly with existing library systems as well as with new technologies.

A stable long - term investment — Core technologies, standards, and language support have been carefully chosen to ensure that Cybrarian meets the ever-evolving needs of your library.

Future proof — The inherent multi-tier structure and conformance with the latest industry standards guarantees that Cybrarian will meet your needs today and in the future. Our software design continually evolves to include products and components aimed at enhancing your system and ensuring that it continues to meet the changing needs of your library.

Flexible server configuration — Accommodates your library’s current and future technology needs and handles a wide range of simultaneous users.

The Cybrarian Technology Advantage

Decision Factors Cybrarian is Web-based! Old Client/Server
Total Cost of Ownership Totally integrated into one database; no extra costs! Many Modules/Multi-Vendors (Incremental cost for each)
Data Storage Hosted professionally; no servers needed at your Library! Local, Proprietary
Data Safety Encryption, virus protection and daily/weekly backup. Tech-savvy personnel must provide at additional time and expense.
Data Conversion Free! Included and done in about 3 weeks after receiving your data! Charge to set up your server and convert your data.
Off-Campus Access 24/7, from any Internet computer. Third-party software required, at an additional expense.
Patrons Website webOPAC integrated with automated data publishing. Additional module; requires multi-step publishing process.
Data Sync Auto-flows throughout to all sections and webOPAC! Manual Entry/Copy/Paste between programs.
Hardware Considerations No servers to buy; we manage your data for you. Costly hardware; tech-savvy personnel required for operations.
Telephone and web-based tech support is included with monthly fee! They charge to come and solve problems. (+ travel costs)
Guarantee Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee! ???