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CYBRARIANTM is a next generation web based seamless & fully integrated Library Management software System hosted on a Remote Server. This is based on Cloud concept where users have to pay-as-use basis.
Unlike with a traditional software purchases and in-house management, there is no big capital outlay. Moreover, in this age of fast technological changes, it has become very difficult for library managers to manage their day to day operations. Moreover, it is very much time consuming & stretches the limits of your technical staff to manage the hardware, software, database, backups, virus protection etc. CYBRARIANTM frees you from all these hassles and allows you enough time to manage your resources more efficiently and in a better way.
CYBRARIANTM Library Management Software system is hosted on a remote server somewhere in the internet cloud. Your database is stored on the remote server which is highly secured & managed centrally. CYBRARIANTM allows you to access & run the software with the help of an ordinary low cost PC having a web browser and you can carry out on line all the transactions like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Periodicals Management (PMS), Article Indexing, Reports Management etc. as if the entire application is running on your desk. It is only you who can access your library resources with a user ID & password. No one can see or access your data without your permission.
Your database is owned by you & is your property. It is shadowed in real time to a hot spare server, password protected and shared with only authorized users.

There is no big capital investment in purchasing costly hardware like In house Server, costly Desktop PCs, Software like OS, R/DBMS, Anti Virus, Back up software etc. You can run the program easily with the help of an ordinary PC having only a web browser.

Much of time of library managers is spent in performing mundane tasks like virus checking, software updates, backups, user’s support. All these tasks are shifted to & taken care by CYBRARIANTM at the remote server itself. The entire software runs on Cloud model.

Cloud is a new model for delivery of software over internet. It is a shift from packaged software to Cloud. In this new model, the user is saved from the hassles of buying licensed copies of software like OS, R/DBMS, Application Software, Anti virus etc. They are also not required to buy costly hardware like Servers, PCs, Networking components etc. The user is also free from the daily problems of installation, management, maintenance, back up, security etc. Initial cost of Investment and recurring cost every month is as good as nil. The recruitment of expert IT professionals is avoided. Following grid explains the cost/benefit advantages. Cloud-enabled services are flexible & configurable.

It is low cost & fast to start. A very low hosting fee provides software use, free software updates & upgrades, technical support, and maintenance. Libraries can be made live & working very fast, may be within a day or two, and one can start using his library immediately. One can access the application anytime (24x7x365) from anywhere, & from any machine with built in webOPAC facility in the software.

Yes, you can create your own network of libraries to share the information & resources with each other & also for internal library loan management with mutual understanding. There is no need of joining any particular library network & pay them hefty fees for joining & incur recurring cost for transactions.

Yes, you can. You can yourself customize the software & reports as per your requirement. You can also insert the logo of your institution in the starting screens to give you your own identity & individuality.

Yes, CYBRARIANTM follows all the international standards like MARC21, Z39.50, AACR2, MARCXML, ISO 2079 etc. and is having UNICODE (Multilingual) facility.

Both are Library Management Software. LIBRARIAN® is installed & run from user’s computer as intranet. All software & database are stored on user’s computer and can be run only from user’s computer during office hours only whereas CYBRARIANTM is web enabled & hosted on a remote server. All software & database resides on the hosted server & there is no restriction for time & location. The user can access & run the program anytime from anywhere & from any machine.

LIBRARIAN® is available as single user & multi users version whereas there is no restriction on no. of users for CYBRARIANTM.

No. you can run the software with any low end PC having a web browser but you need a fast & reliable Internet connection to your library.

Yes, the operational cost is reduced by 80 to 90% per annum in the case of CYBRARIANTM. This can be seen from the example given below in Cost-Benefits Analysis below :

3 Yrs. Cost-Benefit Analysis for Librarian Vs. Cybrarian
LIBRARIAN® single user version CYBRARIANTM (Hosting mode)
[I] Fixed cost : (in Rs.)       
(a) Hardware  Qty. Price    
Desk Top PC  1 No 15,000 Dumb Terminal  5,000
Dumb Terminal for OPAC  1 No 5,000    
NW Components  LS 500    
(b) Software        
Windows XP  1 No 6,600    
LMS  1 No 21,210    
Total Fixed Cost    48,310    
[II] Variable Cost :       
Maintenance Engineer  1 Yr. 120,000    
AMC for LMS @12.80%  1 Yr. 2,585 One Time Set-up Cost  5,000
Anti Virus SW  2 No 1,900 User Charge  1,200
Interest on Fixed cost/Yr.  15% 6,765 Hosting fees - 5K Resources  5,000
Total Variable Cost    131,250 GST 18%  2,016
Total First year cost    179,560 Total First year cost  13,216
Second year cost    131,250 Second year cost  7,316
Third year cost    131,250 Third year cost  7,316
Cumulative 3 years cost    442,060 Cumulative 3 years cost  27848

One time setup fee plus user charge plus Rs. 1/- per resource per annum. Check Tariff for detail

Resource means all print & non-print items like books, journal, magazines, CDs etc. & patrons.

To acquire the services of CYBRARIANTM, you have do on-line registration at and deposit the necessary payment as intimated in favor of CR2 Technologies Ltd. ICICI Bank, A/c no. 058605000008.

Every library is allotted with one Account Executive. The Account Executive is responsible for support and service in each and every area desired by the user.

For Problems / Errors the turnaround time is 8 working hours (max.). In case of urgency prior mail intimation will be sent to the concerned person.

The downtime recorded so far is below 0.10%

We have scheduled maintenance but that is done between 0100 hours to 0400 hours (IST).
  1. Generate the Proposal on the website and email the same to your Account Executive.
  2. Prepare the Payment
  3. Register online at
  4. Dispatch Generated Proposal, Order and Payment
    Deposit payment directly in ICICI Bank Account – 058605000008 in favor of CR2 Technologies Ltd., Ahmedabad and send details by email alongwith your logo and approx desired colors for your webOPAC.
  5. Within 24 hours of credit intimation from Finance, CR2 will activate the account online
  6. CR2 will meanwhile email templates for import of records in to the system, if required